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He reluctantly begins pushing a pencil around on some paper.

Bob was especially unhappy on this particular work day. So, while on his lunch break, he went to his favorite park where stood a wise old tree.

“Wise old tree…” Bob inquired, “…what must I do to be a happier man?”

Bob and the Wise Old Tree

The wise old tree gave a shudder, spilling a few of its leaves onto the grass below. And then, upon clearing its throat, the old tree gave a rather long and most unexpected answer.

“My dear Bob, I do believe I can feel your pain.

You slog through each day with such stress and such strain.

You’ve put on some weight and it’s beginning to show.

You can’t touch your knees, let alone touch your toes.

Your sense of fashion, I fear, is a total disgrace.

Those three-inch-thick spectacles perched high on your face!

The ladies call you ‘loser’ with a capital ‘L’.

Truth be told, you’d prefer to be alone with your Dell.

Facebook and Twitter? You’re far too inept.

For that’s where the popular humans are kept.

You don’t tell good jokes and you don’t like to drink.

So, what are the beautiful people to think?

For the likes of yourself, I believe all is lost.

Being a dweeb is such a heavy cost.

You dare come to me with such sorrow, such dribble?

If it’s happiness you seek, you’ll never grasp but a nibble.”

“WRONG!” Bob angrily shouted, storming off with new-found vitality and determination, the likes of which he’d never before felt.

Half an hour later he returned with a big saw.


(Sketch and poem by Bryan Ubaghs)

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